9th May 2021



11 Points Agenda of IMRAN KHAN

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11 Points Agenda of IMRAN KHAN

1. Education – non discriminatory and free for all education – similar syallbus

2. Health facilities – equal treatment to all poor and rich – health insurance

3. Generation of loans internally to pay Pakistan loans and for future investment and development. To increase revenue generation of fbr from Rs. 4b to 8b.

4. Corruption free Pakistan by strengthening NAB/FIA/ FBR

5. Investment and employment promotion. Reduce taxes on gas and electricity. Business promotion and removal of hurdles. Investment by Overseas Pakistan.

6. Housing – low cost housing 5m houses for the poor.

7. Technical and skilled education

8. Promotion of tourism and discovery of new points leading to revenue and employment

9. Agricultural emergency. Incentives for farmers.

10. Rights to all provinces- creation of South Punjab province on administrative basis. Amalmagation of FATA in KPK.

11. Local government system- direct election of Mayors in metropolitan cities

12. Environment and pollution. Deforestation, pollution of water and swerage.

13. Legal system and courts. Depolitization of police and accountability.- early disposal of cases in courts and out of court resolution of cases.

14. Women development – more priority for women education and rights in property.

عمران خان کے 11 نکات

1. یکساں تعلیم

2. غریب عوام کیلئے مفت علاج

3. ٹیکس کا یکساں نظام اور اداروں کو مظبوط بنانا

4. کرپشن کا خاتمہ

5. سرمایہ کاری کو بڑھانا, بجلی اور گیس پر ٹیکس کم کرنا

6. روز گار مہیا کرنا

7. سیروسیاحت یہ ترجیح دینا

8. زراعت پہ خصوصی توجہ دینا

9. فیڈریشن کو مظبوط کرنا اور تمام صوبوں کو یکساں حقوق دینا, پولیس کا نظام بہتر کرنا

10. انصاف کی فراہمی

11. حقوق نسواں کا نظام بہتر کرنا

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