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All sorts will be happening at the city’s parks, libraries, leisure centres and galleries this half-term – with many of the varied programme of family-friendly activities being completely free. Everything from Portuguese drumming to cycling to wildlife walks is included in Manchester’s packed events calendar, meaning there’ll be something to […]

All Sorts to Do in Manchester this half-term

Greater Manchester Police is launching a brand new initiative to put money seized from criminals back in to local communities. “Giving Back” helps GMP and partners give money to individuals, organisations and groups to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhoods. This is part of GMP’s commitment to listening […]

Giving back to communities in Moorside, Bury

Prestwich is set to benefit from an initiative to regenerate town centres by Mayor Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. When the Town Centre Challenge was launched in December, all ten councils in Greater Manchester were asked to nominate a town to be part of the initiative, which […]

Prestwich up for Mayor’s Town Challenge

Updated plans for Manchester City Council’s budget, including a reduced increase in Council Tax, have been published. Last year the Council set a three-year budget for the period 2017/18 to 2019/20 which followed a large-scale consultation with residents to understand their priorities. They told us that the things they valued […]

Updated budget plans for Manchester announced

The Google Digital Garage Bus is coming to town – so get on board and learn how to harness the internet to boost your business and vocational skills. The bus stops outside Bury Library on Tuesday 20 February from 10am to 5pm, and is offering three bookable workshops for prospective […]

Get on board the Google Bus and learn

وھاڑی ۔۔۔ حضرت پیر سراج الدین شاہ المعروف ‘’ پیر شاجا ‘’ چکنمبر 100 ڈبلیو بی کے سالانہ عرس مبارک کے موقع پر ۔۔آل پنجاب کبڈی میچ میں زاھد اقبال چوھدری ، زاھد کریم گجر ، راجہ فدا حسین عباسی ، چوھدری آفتاب گجر ، ملک اعجاز ریحان ،سجاد خان […]

وھاڑی ۔۔۔ حضرت پیر سراج الدین شاہ المعروف ‘’ پیر ...

ظالم کے ہاتھ بہت لمبے ہوتے ہیں مگر اللہ کی پکڑ سے باہر نہیں ،میں ابھی ایک رپورٹ پڑھ رہا تھا جو کہ ’’ چینی مافیا ‘‘ کے بارے میں تھی ، اُس میں بتایا گیا تھا کہ کس طرح چینی بنانے والے کارخانوں کے مالک اپنی مرضی سے چینی […]

شوگر ملز مالکان یا ’’ چینی مافیا‘‘ شکیل قمر مانچسٹر

Women are celebrating 100 years of having the vote – and are urging residents to ensure they are on the electoral register in good time for May’s local elections. Today (6 February 2018) marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act when women aged over 30 and with […]

100 years on – your vote still matters

GMP’s Mobile Team has been named winners of the iNetwork ‘Innovative Access to Public Services’award, recognising the introduction of mobile technology to deliver the most efficient police service possible across Greater Manchester.   Mobile technology has helped GMP introduce place based policing, where officers are located within communities, solving the root cause of […]

Greater Manchester Police Mobile Team Wins ‘Innovative Access to Public ...

اوورسیز پاکستانیوں کے ووٹ کا معاملہ سپریم کورٹمیں! (شکیل قمر مانچسٹر) ہم نے بارہا اپنے کالموں میں اس خدشے کا اظہار کیا ہے کہ پچاسی لاکھ سے زیادہ اوورسیز پاکستانیوں کے مسائل کو حل کرنے کے لئےاگر کوئی بھی فیصلہ اوورسیز پاکستانیوں کی مشاورت کے بغیر کیا گیا تو وہ […]

اوورسیز پاکستانیوں کے ووٹ کا معاملہ سپریم کورٹمیں! (شکیل قمر ...