15th April 2021



Abusive man banned from Manchester city centre

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A Tameside man has been banned from Manchester city centre after the cumulative impact of his intimidating and erratic behaviour – including the use of threatening, homophobic and sexually inappropriate language – became intolerable, effecting both the public and city centre workers.

Stanley Freeman, 58, of Waterton Lane, Mossley, appeared at Manchester Civil Justice Centre on 9 October 2017 and was issued with a one year anti-social behaviour injunction (ASBI) banning him from Manchester city centre.

The move came after Freeman’s behaviour had caused alarm across the entire city centre, particularly at restaurants in the Corn Exchange and on King Street. The pattern of Freeman’s anti-social actions dates back at least six years.

In March Freeman targeted Rosso Restaurant & Bar, in Spring Gardens – making threats to shoot and kill staff. His behaviour provoked one female witness at the restaurant to become extremely anxious and fearful.

Throughout August 2017 complaints were made to Greater Manchester Police about Freeman’s aggressive behaviour at Salvis Deli, Cabana Basil and Banyans Bar, all in The Corn Exchange, at San Carlo, on King Street, and Burberry on New Cathedral Street.

In each case Freeman was aggressive towards staff, used foul language and made lewd comments to female employees.

In advance of the final order an ex parte ASBI was taken out to protect all the witnesses willing to give evidence if the case proceeded to trial, preventing Freeman from approaching or communicating with them.

The ASBI bans Freeman from entering anywhere in Manchester within the inner-ring road (bounded by the A665 and Mancunian Way).

The injunction states that Stanley Freeman must not:

Engage or threaten to engage in conduct that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person in the city centre.

Harass any person, use abusive, racist, insulting or threatening language or behaviour (including but not limited to sexualised language or behaviour).

Approach or communicate with any witnesses or person referred to in the proceeding to gain the injunction.

Enter or attempt to enter the prohibited area (apart from to attend his solicitor’s office or court for a pre-arranged appointment or hearing).

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council executive member for neighbourhoods, said: “This is one of the worst cases of anti-social behaviour from a single person we’ve ever seen – the intensity and frequency of the incidents is deeply troubling

“Thanks to its vibrant cosmopolitan nature Manchester City Centre is enjoyed by visitors and local residents alike and I hate to think the actions of one man could sully its reputation.

“We all have a right to go about our daily lives without fear of intimidation and we cannot stand by and let the actions of a minority of people undermine that freedom. This case demonstrates that we will always take a stand and use all the powers at our disposal to tackle anti-social behaviour. ”

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