3rd July 2022



Another Good Speech by PM Imran Khan By Hamid Khan Almashriqi

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Another good Speech by PM. Imran Khan
By Hamid Khan Almashriqi

Last night Prime Minister Imran Khan did his speech to United Nation General Assembly via video link due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Overall it was great speech by PM Khan and he tried to cover most of the current issues. Which included issues related to Pakistan and globally.
Prior to his speech two days before Indian PM Modi also did his speech of 5 minutes only and without any prejudice I would say it was very disappointing and clueless speech by Fascist Modi. If you look at the stats not even a million people watched his speech & none of the world media group gave any attention to his speech.
Let’s com back to PM Imran Khan’s speech as I mentioned he literally covered almost all of the major issues .

He has covered money laundering issues and again explained to the modern world that how badly it is affecting the economies of poor and third world countries . Prime Minister Imran khan has clearly stated about debts heavens and offshore companies and money made through corruption by corrupt elites . It looks like He’s on a mission of getting Pakistan’s money back from these countries which is a very very difficult task undoubtedly.

He also criticised western world for their lack of commitment towards this issue.
PM Khan bluntly spoke about Palestine issue which I was hoping to be mentioned by PM. Which I did mention in a programme last day on PTV WORLD . He has openly condemned illegal settlement of Jews in Palestinian Territories. He has explained the world that Palestinian issue needs to be resolved fairly and justly. Prime minister was quite proud when he talked about Pakistani efforts towards tackling Covid-19 issue and smart lock down . He also explained how did his govt tried to help poors through EHSAAS programme .

Furthermore his speech covered climate change threat and rightly mentioned that Pakistan’s role in worsening the environment is much less than its sufferings from climate change . He also pointed out his plan for 10 billion trees within next two years which is already highly appreciated by world environmental bodies.
Just before talking about core Issue of Indian Illegaly occupied Kashmir he also mentioned about Islamo Phobia and illegal and unjustified use of so call right of free speech in Europe in case of Re-printing of Prophet Muhammed’s blasphemous sketches.

When he came to the topic of Kashmir I believe he took very right track by letting the world know that India is committing war crimes in illegally occupied Indian Kashmir by trying to change the demographics of the region and also detaining youth illegally and have made Kashmir as prison for 8 million Muslims. He mentioned all atrocities done by Indian govt. & army in IOK. This time PM Imran Khan not only spoke about Kashmiris rather he also spoke about Indian Muslims and their sufferings. Due to implementation of discriminatory laws like CAB , NRC, CAA forcefully implemented by Indian Fascist Government. Which only believes in supremacy of Hinduism in sub continent. I believe it will drastically increase popularity of Imran Khan across India. He has also exposed real face of fascist Narendra Modi from the time when he was chief minister of Indian Gujarat and over 2000 Muslims were massacred by Hindu extremists & terrorists .

Although I am not very much hopeful that his speech will bring an immediate change In the world to resolve burning issues of the world but surely it’s a great effort.
I am sure world media will give prominent coverage to his speech. Let’s see what kind of reaction comes from India and Israel , USA & other countries after his speech .

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