17th January 2021



Blue badge fraudster ordered to pay more than £500

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An Audi driver has been penalised more than £500 after being caught misusing a disabled parking badge (blue badge) to park on double yellow lines in Openshaw.
Hamid Khan, aged 54, of Ribble Street, Blackburn, was found guilty in his absence at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, on Wednesday 14 March, of the misuse of his mother’s blue badge.  Khan’s total penalty was £527, including costs.
Khan was spotted by Manchester’s Civil Enforcement Officers parking a silver Audi on double yellow lines outside New Smithfield Market on Sunday 1 October 2017.  Khan had placed a blue badge on the car’s dashboard.
When challenged by the officers, Khan claimed his mother, the blue badge holder, was shopping in the market.  Further investigation proved this to be untrue.
Councillor Angeliki Stogia, Manchester City Councils Executive Member for Environment and Skills, said: “Misusing a blue badge is nothing less than a selfish act, denying people with genuine needs space to park and undermining a system that exists to help people with disabilities live independent lives.
“Khan was aware of the rules, claiming the badge holder was with him. So it is only right that he has received this fine. I hope this penalty acts as a reminder that we will not tolerate the abuse of blue badges and will prosecute whenever possible.”

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