16th April 2021



Continuing to improve the borough’s roads

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Precautionary repairs have been carried out on Longsight Road as part of the council’s continuing programme of works to improve local highways.

Council leader Rishi Shori took the wheel of a roller which helped tackle a 250 sq m area of the street at its junction with Vernon Road. The work was carried out between 9.30am and 3.30pm to minimise disruption to road users.

He said: “The condition of our roads is one of biggest concerns that residents have, which is why I decided to raise an extra £10 million in this year’s budget to spend on improving them.

“This work in Longsight Road is a classic example of what we want to achieve. While the defects were not dangerous, we decided to carry out repairs to prevent them from becoming dangerous due to deterioration over the winter months.

“We are planning an extensive range of road improvements in the months to come, and these will be announced early next year.”

In 2016/17, workers laid more than 3,000 tonnes of asphalt and completed 12,000mof carriageway and footway repairs. Workers have carried out a variety of road works, with around 7,000 sq m of carriageway patch repairs successfully completed since April.

As well as the extra cash investment, the council is looking at bringing in a range of improvements including a computerised system which will help residents to flag up road problems and keep them informed about when they will be repaired.

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