4th July 2022



Director Profile

Director Profile:

Mr Syed Kashif Sajjad is a Management Consultant as well as the Director of K2 Mamagement Bizz LTD. Mr Syed Kashif Sajjad has graduated on 11-September-2011 from Liverpool John Moores University England with degree of Master in Business Administration with Business Management as a programme of study.

Syed Kashif Sajjad

The director, Mr Syed Kashif Sajjad believes that he has appropriate knowledge and professional skills necessary to run the company. He is of the opinion that company has vast potential market and opportunity for growth provided it is managed strategically aided by sufficient funds to meet the overheads and related expenditures.

The company will hire additional staff as the company achieves stability, profitability and expands its operations. Management consultants help businesses and organisations to solve problems, improve efficiency and manage changes to the way they work.

“I would consider myself a business professional, as I spend much of my time meeting new people.  I enjoy sports such as football and cricket.  Being a hard worker I never turn down a good challenge.  Working well under pressure has proven to be one of my strong points, which has helped me through my education. I am fluent in English, Urdu and also Punjabi.”

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