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Dr Hafeez is a true role model in his profession

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Dr Hafeez is currently working as a GP Partner at Al-Fal Medical Group in Greater Manchester. He is also a Clinical Tutor at The University of Manchester Medical School.

He has been a panel member of the General Medical Council (GMC)’s BME Doctors Forum for the last 10 years where he has the opportunity to raise any concerns & discuss issues directly with GMC senior management and influence their policies for the future regulation of the medical profession.

He proactively engages with patients in the community to promote public health awareness. He has conducted several health talks & seminars in the community on various topics. He has also been invited on many occasions to different international TV and radio channels including BBC News, BBC Five Live and BBC Urdu Service to discuss health related issues.

Dr Hafeez is also a member of Public Health England’s Migrant Health Task Group which makes strategies to improve public health awareness about viral hepatitis.

He is the Founder and CEO of the Association of Pakistani Physicians & Surgeons of the United Kingdom – APPS UK (www.appsuk.org). This is the largest membership organisation of Pakistani doctors in the UK that was established in 2004 and it provides support and guidance to new and junior doctors in the UK. The organisation is now expanding globally in the form of APPS Europe, APPS Middle East, APPS China etc.

Dr Hafeez set up Mobile Heath Unit project about 5 years ago to provide primary healthcare facilities to patients in the remote rural areas of Pakistan. He along with his team, manages these state of the art facilities from the UK which is looking after a population of over 100,000. For more info: http://appsuk.org/2017/01/25/apps-uk-mobile-health-units

He is a man with lot of innovative ideas. He has run campaigns in the past to prevent wastage of medicines in the community. His strategies saved the NHS a staggering £75,000 in one year. Reference:

Dr Hafeez came up with the idea of a Self-harm Register in the community to prevent self inflicted injuries and suicide in mental health patients by proactive monitoring. This was successfully implemented and has helped many patients.

He organised World Hepatitis Awareness day for the whole community enabling them to participate in an interactive educational event and understand how to protect themselves from this killer disease. Reference: https://bit.ly/3c4mriA

In 2017 he was ranked number 6 in the UK by the PULSE Newspaper in their Power 50 ranking amongst local heroes. Reference: http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/hot-topics/pulse-power-50-2017/local-heroes/6-dr-abdul-hafeez/20035119.article

Dr Hafeez also featured in Muslim Power 100 List in 2018 as one of the most influential Muslims in the UK.

He was the winner of NHS England’s Excellence in Healthcare Award 2019 selected from over 600 entries in the North West. Reference:

During the current COVID-19 pandemic he launched a Corona Urdu Helpline in the UK, set up a virtual work experience programme for A-Level students and featured in many national COVID-19 Vaccine Campaigns.

Dr Hafeez is a true role model in his profession and has greatly influenced the healthcare at a local as well as international level.

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