16th April 2021



Fakhar Iqbal Ch saying No to Racism, with members of Dundee Communities

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Dundee stands United Against Fascism

A Joint protest against fascism in Dundee took place on Saturday 8th December, in Dundee City Centre, at the Dragons statue.

Protest against neo-nazis attempt to create a group in Dundee. The collapse of the Scottish Defence league has led to the emergence of disparate white supremacist groups. One such group the Scottish Nationalist Society have been putting up posters in Dundee.

Dundee has never been a centre for fascist organisation. It has a proud unbroken anti-fascist history stretching back to the Spanish Civil War all the way through to the opposition to the Scottish Defence League. Representing Dundee Asian Communities Fakhar Iqbal Ch said: “Communities in Dundee stands United Against Fascism.” We will not let fascists organise in our multicultural, tolerant working class city. No Pasaran

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