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Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistani & Human Resource Development, and delegation of BoG of OPF.

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 Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistani & Human Resource Development, and delegation of BoG of OPF.

The Consulate General of Pakistan, Manchester arranged a community meeting with a delegation of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development  headed by Pir Syed Sadruddin Shah Rashidi, Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis on Sunday, 19th March, 2017.The delegation also includes; Barrister Amjad Malik Chairman Board of Governors of OPF and Dr.Irfan Yusuf Shami, Additional Secretory, Ministry of Foreign Affairs /Member of BoG of OPF.  A large number of members of the Pakistani community comprising of Mayors, Councillors, Doctors, Solicitors, Businessmen, Women, Youth and community leaders attended the reception.

                    Earlier the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resources Development was briefed by the Consul General Dr. Zahoor Ahmed on the work of the Consulate with a particular emphasis on engagement with the youth and projection of Pakistani culture and heritage.  The purpose of the visit was to provide an opportunity to establish direct communication with the Overseas Pakistanis in order to address the individual and systematic issues related to the Federal Government Ministries, Departments, Organisations and Agencies and explore any suggestions regarding up- gradation of complaint reddresal system in various departments/ministries.

                     The Minister Pir Syed Sadruddin Shah Rashidi assured the audience that he will make sure that all issues/problems being faced by Overseas Pakistanis are properly addressed and public grievances will be redressed in a fair, prompt and transparent manner as early as possible. The minister appreciated the contribution by the overseas Pakistanis & their enthusiasm for Pakistan. He stressed that the present Government of Pakistan accords great importance to the overseas Pakistanis & consider them an important partner in the development of Pakistan & projection of its positive image. He informed the audience that Government of Pakistan has appointed an overseas Pakistani Barrister Amjad Malik as Chairman, Board of Governor of Overseas Pakistani Foundation who has thorough knowledge about the problems of overseas Pakistanis.

                      The Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Pir Sadruddin Shah Rashisi appreciated the sentiments of the young British Pakistanis who sang National anthems and were proud of their association with Pakistan. He said that we need not be afraid that the next generation of British Pakistanis will ignore Pakistan. He said that we need to encourage the youth to become a useful members of the British society as well as a true representative of Pakistan. Addressing the gathering Barrister Amjad Malik briefed them on the steps taken by overseas Pakistani foundation to address the grievances of overseas Pakistanis. He assured the audience that under his chairmanship the foundation will continue to listen to the concerns of overseas Pakistanis and play whatever role possible in addressing their grievances. He told them that overseas Pakistani foundation has established help desks at all major airports and was providing various services to overseas Pakistanis.

                        The Minister also presented certificates to young British Pakistani swimmer Afia Minhas, sight challenged Pakistani origin judge Dr. Afzal and young students who did their internship at Consulate General in Manchester, and these include Rabia Masood, Tahmina Umer, Sajil Choudhary and Ikra Nawaz. At this occasion children from the Sath Sath group, Mrs. Naheed Choudhary and Iffi Khan presented patriotic songs.

                           Dr. Zahoor Ahmed, Consul General of Pakistan thanked Federal Minister for his visit and listening to the comments/suggestions of the community members. Mrs. Fizzah Niazi, Community Welfare Attaché conducted the event.

                            The Minister also had meeting with Pakistani origin Member of Parliament Yasmin Qureshi, Member of European Parliament Sajjad Karim & Afzal Khan and Mayor of Warrington, Faisal Rashid.

                             The delegation had a two hours long interactive session with the audience which was widely appreciated.

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