5th July 2022



Frederica Mogharani  Must take actions against Human rights Abuse in Aleppo, Rohingya and occupied Kashmir ” Afzal Khan MEP 

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​In the European Parliament Afzal khan MEP, Vice President of Security and defence tells High Representative Frederica Mogharani  for need to take action against the Human rights Abuse  taking place in Aleppo, Rohingya and occupied Kashmir and called for the perpetrators of those violations to be held to account in every possible Forum.

Madame High Representative, I want to first congratulate the rapporteur for this balanced and comprehensive report.


Last Saturday was Human Rights Day, celebrating the dignity and worth of every human being. Today we heard the moving testimonies of the Sakharov prize laureates, and their extraordinary work for women affected by IS’s campaign of sexual violence.


But we have so much more to do.


Today, there are reports in Aleppo of civilians being killed on the spot, mass detentions, and bodies abandoned in the street.


There have been serious human rights violations against Rohingya civilians, violations against civilians in occupied Kashmir and similarly, attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt.


It is a sad catalogue of suffering.


We need to redouble our efforts to aid those who need it most, and call for the perpetrators of those violations to be held account in every possible forum.

Human rights are not a matter of derogation, instead, they should become the strongest pillar in all external policies and relations of the European Union.

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