9th August 2022



Hasnain Tanoli a 17 years old, second year’s student got a train injury (right leg separated), near Sahiwal railway station

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Hasnain Tanoli a 17 years old, second year’s student got a train injury (right leg separated), near Sahiwal railway station. He was rescued by Service 1122 to nearby DHQ Hospital Sahiwal where he was given First AID. Rescue officials were told to carry patient to Operation Theater for procedure to stop bleeding where they have been waiting for 15 to 20 minutes but not a single doctor approached in the Operation Theater.

 Rescue official came to doctor who was busy with his phone .The rescue person asked him to leave the phone and attend patient immediately who was crying on OT table asking for help to stop bleeding and save his life. Some other people present their also asked the doctor to attend this young boy on priority and to do something to stop his bleeding that his life could be saved. The doctor criminally ignored this emergency and showed an irritated behavior. The cruel doctor showed in- ability to deal this case and asked the attendant to take patient to Lahore. He did nothing to stop bleeding or transfer patient with Rescue 1122 ambulance. Neither any doctor nor paramedical staff was accompanying nor were lifesaving measures taken. The result was obvious the patient died before reaching Lahore due to active bleeding. The parents of innocent victim have legal rights to ask :1. Why complete emergency treatment was not given in time?

2. Why any procedure was not done to stop bleeding?

3. Why doctor did not attend patient after shifting in Operation Theater and latterly refused to treat by showing his inability.

4. Why he did not called immediately surgeon on call?

5. If the Duty Doctor was in able to deal the case why was he dealing Emergency? Who was his back up senior, and why not called to support this case?

6. Why the patient was referred without rehabilitation and stable condition?

7. Who is responsible to refer patient to Lahore instead of any Nearby City or option,(e.g. CMH Okara) without proper treatment, wastage of time and with active bleeding?

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