27th January 2021



Hollins volunteers take lead in Great British Spring Clean Up

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Fire extinguishers, Christmas trees and a stolen purse – just some of the items picked up by volunteers during the Great British Spring Clean-up.

This is the second year that Hollins Conservation Group took part in the national clean-up initiative at Goshen Woods and Playing Fields.

Led by Louise Daveron, the aim was to encouraging local residents to keep their surrounding areas clean and litter-free.

The event attracted 26 volunteers who collected 78 large bags of litter from around Goshen playing fields and woods. In among this litter were two fire extinguishers, two bike wheels, a plastic Christmas tree, numerous road signs and a ladies’ purse! It turned out that this purse had been stolen last August, and it has now been returned to its owner.

A couple of volunteers brought along wheelbarrows which were very useful to bring the heavy bags the long distance from the far side of the field.

The volunteers are interested in starting up a Goshen litter picking group to carry on with the good work done on the day.

Residents interested in joining such groups should contact Shabeena Majid, recycling and waste enforcement officer, on 0161 253 6603.

Local residents, schools and businesses can make a commitment to looking after the local environment by taking the Bury Street Care Pledge.To take the pledge and receive a free litter pack visit www.bury.gov.uk/pledge.

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