27th October 2020

Hundreds together with Sahabzada Jahanger launched IK4PM General Election Campaign in Oldham.

PTI top leadership from United Kingdom and PTI Northwest together launched a brand new campaign for the up coming General Election in Pakistan.

Sahabzada Jahanger , Abdul Basit Shah , members of PTI Northwest and Manchester Business community along with Imran Lovers launched IK4PM in Oldham.

People from different backgrounds who Love Imran Khan and his vision for Pakistan together launched the Campaign early evening in oldham at Eastern Pavilion Hall.

Shanaz Saddique , Ch Mohammed Imran, Ch Ilyas, Naeem Chohan,Haji Riaz, Asam Mendi, Mohammed Nadeem, Adeel Saleem and Director Manchester Super store Bilal Ghafoor attended the event.

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