21st May 2022



“It is truly a real privilege and an honour to be a MEP” Wajid Khan MEP

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Humbled and delighted to be serving as a MEP for the North West. It is truly a real privilege and an honour.

I want to thank my parents for making me the person that I am today. Your love, sacrifices and patience will never be forgotten. 
Looking forward to work with my excellent North West MEP colleagues Theresa Griffin and Julie Ward, who are fantastic MEPs to learn from.
The next few years are going to be challenging due to Brexit negotiations. I will alongside Theresa and Julie, be a strong voice for the North West and be vocal on getting the best deal for my constituents in the region.  
As your MEP, I will promise to serve with commitment, dedication and passion.  


Thanks to my wife and children for your amazing support. 
I am proud to have campaigned with a wonderful wider team in The North West with the great colleagues Steve Carter Angeliki Stogia Nick Parnell pascale Lamb & Kevin Doran. My best wishes to my predecessor Afzal khan for the future.
Finally, special mention to my brother Zahid Khan for being a Rock through the political journey throughout the years.
Thank you friends, family and the whole of the North West! 

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