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JAC vows to continue struggle for protection of legitimate rights of QAU

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JAC vows to continue struggle for protection of legitimate rights of QAU. Islamabad: 24th January 2019. Joint Action Committee (JAC) on Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in its meeting held at Islamabad Club resolved to continue its yearslong struggle for protection of legitimate rights of Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, top ranked prestigious higher education institution of Pakistan.

The committee comprising QAU Alumni Association, Academic Staff Association and officers/employees also demanded to the federal government to ensure its santity which has been violated during last few years due to illegal occupation of more than 298 acres of land and shortage of funding. During the meeting, it was apprised that an area of 1709 acres, 4 kanals and 12 marlas, was acquired by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 1967-72 for University of Islamabad, (now Quaid-i-Azam University).

The said area was allotted by CDA to the University on full payment and it was handed over to the University according to a map, provided by CDA vide letter No.CDA/PLD-15(12)66/516 dated 26th January 1967.

As per the CDA report submitted in Supreme Court and minutes of the recent meeting held on 15th January 2010 at QAU Islamabad also endorsed the legal claim of QAU over 1709 acres of the land.

The report of Survey of Pakistan (SOP) dated 29/09/2017, indicates that the land inside the boundary line of the University is 1557.12 acres against the allocated 1709 acres with shortfall of 152 acres. The land of 1557.12 Acres also includes the 298 acres of land in custody of the illegal occupants.

The illegal encrochments have become chronic threat to the security and development projects and always resist any new construction on the university ‘s own land. The construction of Buildings of Academic Block-I and Students Hostels No.11-12 under the PSDP Projects remain suspended for years due to intervention and stay at lower courts of the illegal occupants.

It says the illegal occupation over 298 acres of QAU land has become major hindrance to cater the growing needs of more than 12,000 enrolled QAU students who hail from all the regions of Pakistan.

It was further informed that National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education & Professional Training showed its deep concern on the illegal encroachment of the QAU land and behavior of concerned government departments during its visit to QAU on 30/05/2018 and directed all concerned to take necessary measures against all illegal encroachers.

The committee suggested that as per latest report by Survey of Pakistan, concrete measures should be undertaken by the federal government to ensure handing over 1709 acres of land to QAU so that it may meet growing needs of its students.

It says the current anti-encroachment drive initiative by federal government is highly appreciated and should be continued till achievement of desired results, complete removal of illegal occupations and complete handing over 1709 Acres of QAU land as per commitment of present government. Released by Joint Action Committee 03455142400 and 0300 9840120

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