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junior youth team won the final at the Dodgeball World Cup on Sunday – Majid Dar Manchester

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junior youth team won the final at the Dodgeball World Cup on Sunday Dodgeball World Cup- Manchester Juniors Champions .

Reported by Majid Dar Manchester

ISSUED: 19th April 2016

Manchester Juniors Triumph at the World Cup Dodgeball   

On Sunday 17th April 2016, Young people from Community (Youth) on Solid Ground (COSG /YOSG) became the winners of the junior tournament at the Dodgeball World Cup. The young people from YSG came through the preliminary rounds in previous months to reach the final stage where they faced a team from Wigan to determine who would be Champions.

Main Group

The worthy winners took home the Cup as a result of a straight sets victory winning 3 games in a row. The young people completed the clean sweep as a result of months of training in a small community church hall in Whalley Range. The young people have been coached by YSG Dodgeball Level 2 coaches each week at least 1 session per week. This win came as a result of their dedication and commitment but also the team spirit and togetherness of the players who are also part of the same successful junior football team Fletcher Moss YSG U10’s.

Sport England tweeted its congratulations to the sport’s first world champions England and to also YOSG.

The young people are all members of the Youth on Solid Ground set up that works with young people and communities across Manchester and beyond. This was a massive win for both YSG and the young people who are hoping to continue to be successful in dodgeball and other sports.


COSG’s ethos is to communicate with young people and inspire them so that they understand that they can bring value to their local communities. COSG bridge the gap between the adult and young person’s world by allowing them to discuss whatever issues are causing them concern and by celebrating their talents and achievements. By offering mentoring and leadership training, young people are provided with opportunities to gain the skills and confidence to negotiate the path into adulthood.

To find out more about the work of COSG, to volunteer, get involved, or fundraise please contact David Marsh Sports Co-ordinator at Community (Youth) on Solid Ground  on t: 0161 862 0955, e: david.marsh@yosg.org.uk


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