5th August 2021



Legal firm ‘Compensates’ Manchester £3,000 after being caught dumping waste

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A legal firm who failed to comply with a legal notice served by Manchester City Council have been ordered to pay £3,000 in fines and costs by magistrates.

Mr Compensator admitted failing to dispose of their commercial waste responsibly and failing to provide proof of their waste disposal arrangements, at a hearing on 25 May 2017.

Officers working for the council found waste dumped in an alley on Dickenson Road, Rusholme, prompting an investigation which linked the offence to Mr Compensator.

The council’s Environmental Crimes team contacted the firm to ask for confirmation of their arrangements for dealing with commercial waste.  Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, businesses must provide their trade waste documents on demand, or can face prosecution.

Mr Compensator failed to comply with the notice and were subsequently prosecuted by the council – both for dumping the waste and for their failure to comply with the Act.

A representative of the company attended Manchester Magistrates Court on 25 May 2017 and pleaded guilty to both offences.  

Mr Compensator was fined £1,000 for each offence, plus costs of £946.88 – a total penalty of £2,946.88.

It’s not the first time that Mr Compensator has been ordered to compensate Manchester.  In 2014, the firm was fined £8,000 plus court costs for a series of fly-posting offences in south Manchester.

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Nigel Murphy, said: “Mr Compensator were unable to meet their clear obligation to behave responsibly when it comes to dealing with their commercial waste. 

“I’d like to thank our Environmental Crimes team for taking action to ensure that they were punished for failing in their legal duties.  I hope the considerable fine handed down will deter any other company who thinks they can get away with cutting corners and dumping rubbish in Manchester’s neighbourhoods.”

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