19th April 2021



Manchester City Council plans recycling boost for apartment blocks

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Manchester City Council is planning changes to waste collection arrangements for apartment blocks, in a bid to further boost the city’s improving recycling rates.

Analysis has revealed that recycling rates in Manchester’s apartments are currently as low as ten per cent on average – with some blocks having no recycling facilities in place for residents.

The council is working with landlords, social housing providers and building managers across the city to make more recycling facilities available for residents in flats and apartments, ensuring that as much waste as possible can be recycled.

The changes will be rolled out gradually across the city’s apartment blocks, starting in July 2018 and completed by summer 2019.

The move follows on from changes made to collection arrangements for houses with their own bins in 2016/17, which have increased recycling rates to an average of 50 per cent for this housing type.  By improving its overall recycling rate, Manchester has already avoided waste disposal costs of £7m.

Apartment blocks are the only housing type to be affected by the planned changes.  No further changes are planned to existing collection arrangements for individual households.

While some blocks are already recycling well, other blocks currently provide either no or insufficient recycling capacity.  Analysis has shown that in some blocks, there is more capacity for non-recyclable waste than is required, removing the incentive to recycle.

Changes to collection arrangements will vary from block to block, depending on the logistics of the building.  In some locations, the building’s non-recyclable waste capacity will reduce, while in others, the frequency of non-recyclable waste collection will be reduced.  Where a building already has a good recycling rate, enough recycling bins and sufficient non-recyclable waste capacity, no changes will need to be made.

The council has invested in extra recycling containers for apartment blocks and these will be provided where they are needed from June 2018.

Residents will be informed in advance of changes coming into effect and, in partnership with managing agents, are being provided with information explaining the recycling arrangements which will be in place for their block.  Council canvassers will visit apartments to provide residents with information to help them to recycle.

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, said: “As a city, we need to recycle as much as possible.  Not only is this crucial for environmental reasons, it also has the potential to save millions of pounds in needless waste disposal costs.  Every penny we can save is vital and can be reinvested into the services which residents care about the most.

“Thanks to residents’ efforts, Manchester’s recycling rates have already improved considerably, but in some cases, apartment blocks in the city don’t have recycling bins in place.  That’s why we’re working with landlords and building managers to make sure that the necessary facilities, information and support are available and that all apartment block residents are empowered to recycle.”

For more information about recycling, visit www.manchester.gov.uk/recycling.

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