7th May 2021



Smile Aid works to improve community life in the United Kingdom and overseas

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Smile Aid works to improve community life in the United Kingdom and overseas by focusing on the less fortunate, bringing about community cohesion and youth empowerment in the UK. Our focus is on youth empowerment, fighting hate crime and acid attacks, care for the homelessness, and helping the most vulnerable sections of our society. We also work with other people and organisations to show that no matter what our background or beliefs we can all work together to create more cohesive communities.

Tackling & Care for the Homelessness

We, at Smile Aid, believe everyone deserves the right to have enough to eat, possess a warm home, to feel safe, to feel respected, and to have positive opportunity for their future.  Smile Aid is committed to supporting the homelessness by providing the rough sleeping community with emergency care, food, warm clothing, medical aid, housing, moral support and the necessary education and training to make them self-sufficient.

Enable Community Development & Cohesion

Cohesion is the life-giving force that enables a group of people to function as a community. Without communities, there is no society, and no civilisation.

There is a visible increase in atrocities committed by one group or another.  The recent attacks in London and Manchester are deliberate and aimed only to divide people, and create a sense of fear, and anarchy. Within all communities there are good and bad but unfortunately, we only seem to hear about the negative, the silent majority stay silent but in their own way they are the loudest not through their voices but through their actions.

We all want to live in a community where we feel safe, to know that there will be people there to help us when we need it and where we are all proud to tell people that this is where we live. We can create this community and truly create community cohesion by our deeds rather than just talking about it.

The Iftar dinner event was attended by 650+ guests from the length and breadth of the Manchester community. It was organised with the active participation and information stalls from the Greater Manchester Police along with their senior officers, the British Army led by their senior officer, The Royal Air Force, the UK Fire and Rescue Service, GME Scouts, the British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Centrepoint,, Consul General of Pakistan, MPs, Councillors, singers, sports personalities, comedians, and representatives from other organisations.​

First Aid Training in the UK and Pakistan

We at Smile Aid believe that the importance of first aid training cannot be stressed enough. That is the reason why Smile Aid initiated First Aid training to 10,000 families across the country in Pakistan during 2017. As part of the project, we are also providing the establishments, where our training is undergoing, with 10,000 lifesaving First Aid Medical Kits

This project has been endorsed by the British Army and the Greater Manchester Police campaign “We Stand Together” and highly appreciated by the Government of Pakistan.

Education & Training

Smile Aid is driven by its global vision of assisting communities that do not receive even the most basic education

We believe education is the single largest factor that helps to improve one’s self belief, self-respect, economic prospects, and overall health. That is the reason why we try to influence global policy makers to improve the quality of education from preschool onwards. ​​

We endeavour to provide opportunities to children and adults to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence that they will need to turn their abilities into success at school and beyond.

Smile Aid supplies schools from poorer areas with uniforms, writing materials, blackboards, drinking water facilities, and playpens to give children a head start

Provide awareness against Hate Crime and Child Abuse

Hate Crime & Acid Attacks in the UK

Smile Aid hosted event called ‘Hate Crime and Acid Attacks in the UK’, at the Houses of Parliament. It was a ground breaking presentation event, the first of its kind, focusing on the topic: Hate Crime and Acid Attacks in the UK. We are very honoured to be chosen to host this event. It was a great initiative to bring twenty members of parliament, councillors, faith leaders, the army, the police, acid attack victims, medical professionals, and community members to the discussion table.

Child Abuse and Abduction Issue at the Houses of Parliament

As a respect to the memory of Zainab, a little girl of seven, who was abducted, raped, murdered, and her body dumped on a garbage pile in Punjab, Pakistan,  Smile Aid held a vigil at Grimmond Room, Portculis House, House of Parliament. A team from Smile Aid also flew to Pakistan to organise a condolence meeting and awareness campaign, and to give support to the community.  The event was attended by MPs, community and religious leaders.

Providing Clean Water facility in Pakistan

The global operation of Smile Aid provides clean running water throughout the year, to areas hard hit by water shortage and vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, by constructing hand pumps, tube wells, and water filter plants. 


Smile Aid is proud of playing its part, in providing the children staying in the hospital with chocolate treats, thereby bringing a smile on their face and making the day a special one.

Thank you to Afzal Khan MP, Umar Khan (Chief of Police) Manchester United Football players Johnstone and Rojo

Smile Aid gives a lecture to NHS

Smile Aid gives a lecture on the effects of Homelessness in the UK, to NHS professionals. We are in talks with the NHS to provide dental and health checks to homeless people using a mobile unit on the streets of Manchester. Since homeless people do not have proper access to public services, we are trying to take the services to them.

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