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Before shouting fire President of United States of America Donald Trump should have compared death toll of both countries as it was an insult to injury asking Pakistani law enforcement which is marred with shortage of resources to do more, and for the country to shed more blood in the line of international cause. It humiliated the nation by not honouring its martyred which has borne the brunt of the US unilateral flight decree in Afghanistan twice. Pakistan has ensured across the board, fencing and Reconst and rehab of the radicals and Dismantling of networks with solid proofs about those who were against the united interests (Pakistan and intl community). At the sometime it has shared intelligence have given evidence that Haqqani and company are in Khost and Ninghar. This tit for tat proxy is happening right under the nose and Indian presence is adding fuel to the fire in the region on the side of Afghanistan.

What has gone wrong and why is it that the narrative against us has not changed is not the fault of Pakistan. Many factors play in it. Primary factor is that USA wants to retain a scapegoat as no super power wishes to sell its public that they unilaterally failed in a cause they have been advocating since 9  September 2011 . It must be hard and Fatigue and an impending failure is to be addressed through blame game. Role of Russia, Iran and China has been ignored but factored in and especially CPEC has made it relevant. By strong caution at Pak its indirect caution to Arabs and other supporters of Pak, Madrassas and TB.  NATI and European allies are also not too keenly supporting military effort and its further frustrating to go solo for USA. Indian presence is a good proxy against Pak and her likeminded supporters but India strategy related to Pakistan may not be supporting USA interests but only Indians. Pak is increasingly isolated and it has not been able to sell its successes and measures that it has taken due to internal political weakness. International media has not been attracted to what Pakistan have here to display post Peshawar attack and the nuclear changes it has to show in policy especially National Action Plan results. 

Internally we are getting more and more fragmented. Post ouster of The Prime Minister conveniently, we have given music to the ears of those who call shots for convenient regimes in Pakistan. Those who ran foreign policy in last two decades must review their actions too as self accountability is a good omen for an institution and the nation. It’s the policy which must be sold than the carrier.  Due to weaker civil and military relations Pakistan’s NAP, FATA reforms and Madrassa reform etc are nowhere near to be called a success story but worth a shout when it comes to score political points on the table with states.
The worst nightmare yet to happen that if as Trump announces, may be a new era posing clear and present danger to the Pakistan with Revival of drone attacks like in the days of PPP. USA may strike without intelligence sharing but targeting in settled areas too. They would love to apply Economic and diplomatic pressure. USA may ask or Pressurise to allow India trade route via Wagah and warn off No or meagre military aid. It will be easy for them in this policy shift to Increasing pressure to desist from supporting Kashmir to an extent of eventually withdrawing from its claim on Kashmir. Criticise and  apply Pressure to cut down our missile development plan/program, Closing Madrassas indicating by them and Handing over people wanted by them.
Pakistan must be ready to have faith and bring coherence in our stand and policy than last minute dot com policy to answer on the question , ‘either you are with us or against’.  Its dire need to study Political turmoil in conjunction with emerging pressure on Pakistan as Nawaz Sharif experience of handling nuclear tests times cant be ignored and must be factored in. All political party support is much needed and one coherent policy to have a direction, Pakistan must put its house in order and NAP, MADRASSA & FATA reforms to be implemented at priority basis. Govt must invite International media to balance and offer counter the narrative. Our martyrs must be glorified in a positive sense. Raise image of state than demoralising the public. Govt has to strike at all elements reported/suspected of being supporters of extremism and intl terrorism. Likely arm twisting measures be studied and contingency plans be put in effect as experience tells that our so called leaders lay flat when the time comes to stand, and that includes our dictators. Govt’s Foreign Ministry under new civilian leadership must try to bridge amongst the stake holders  something needs to be done . Pakistan’s diplomatic manoeuvre has to be corrected or refreshed, it must be against our enemy or in the interest of Pakistan than against each other. Pakistan must highlight the human side of sheltering the refugees post 1st Afghan war, and Home grown policy on Afghan refugees has to be made and implemented in the larger interest of Pakistan.
While Pakistan is bearing the brunt of our half cooked approach on USA, its afghan wars and our unilateral stance to jump in the fire set up by Intl forces, Pakistani nation must move out its nap and around the world and project our viewpoint.Our heart goes out for the victims of terrorism attacks in Pakistan as the toll is in thousands including law enforcement and civilians who were martyred. Attack in Army Public School Peshawar reflect what kind of war Pakistan is fighting inside and outside Pakistan. Terrorism was a menace and national drive was required to discourage deter and defeat it, and National Action Plan provided that drive. National Action Plan (NAP) was aim of the drive against outlawed extremists, proscribed organizations and individuals who were sympathizers financiers and supporters and masterminds of terrorist attacks.Zarb-e-Azb was the actual translation of state commitment against terrorist elements, and unfortunately USA only saw their dollars not our martyred. Loss of lawyers, in Quetta attack which wiped generation of lawyers including my friend Baz Kakar, it depicts that enemies of state were in action and they were  warning and claiming ownership of such attacks to destabilize Pakistan’s progress on China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Gwadar projects especially in Baluchistan, as these attacks were symbolic. 
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) were already mindful of the challenges confronted by state and those who lost their lives in the line of duty sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. Our heart goes for those who lost their loved ones as those trainers who came to train in Quetta police training centre lost their lives in national cause and may their souls rest in peace, they never were mindful of US-Aid when they laid their lives for Pakistan. 
Still, Defeating the mindset by enacting national action plan in letter & spirit to discourage defeat and deter terrorism & radical forces in any form and shape is the core of national action plan and actions taken by current Govt and former premier in this regards are praiseworthy. We must sell those points as a nation leaving aside civil and or military subject. Individually proscription and implementation through NADRA and home ministry taking the implementation of NAP to next level to project our stance on terror than acting as hired guns can only provide environment to complete CPEC Guwadar and Kakabagh dam.
Rather than traitor trials , engaging and applying National Action Plan under proscription will be more cost effective along with national ongoing military operations coupled with FATA reforms. It will be easy with International law and more practical and easy for us to bear tomorrow . It’s time for actions than words but it must be our actions than dictated by united states of America for few dollars. Safe environment will provide such a huge economic activity through Pak china corridor that Pakistan will not need aid and trade will become reality as was vision by our forefathers. USA can’t give a price of one martyred of Pakistan never mind peanuts offered to clear their way. He who blinks first will fail, and it’s sad that we have no national leadership on the scene. So, lets shout out loud, that, ‘do more’, is ‘no more’.
Barrister Amjad Malik is a Chairman of the Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK) 

24 August 2017

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