16th April 2021



Vote for your favourite projects to win ParkLife funding

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Residents are invited to choose which local organisations can take advantage of funding raised at last year’s ParkLife concert in Heaton Park.

A special Pitch event will now take place on Wednesday 28 March at 6.30pm at Prestwich Arts College (in the Paragon Theatre). This event was scheduled to take place several weeks ago, but had to be postponed due to the severe weather brought by the ‘Beast from the East’.

A total of £9,000 is available at this event to groups through the ParkLife Community Fund, set up to ensure that local people benefitted from the annual concerts.

At the Pitch, ten project leaders will be bidding for funds, and they each have three minutes to present their case before the public then votes.

Details of all the groups pitching are listed on the Bury Directory at: https://www.theburydirectory.co.uk/kb5/bury/directory/service.page?id=oHMyP9DfmTA

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