23rd May 2022



We managed to load a 40 foot container with over 1000 fully categorised and labelled boxes for Syria

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​It has been an intense few weeks of planning and organising and sorting, but all those hours of work paled in comparison to that single feeling of pure emotion we felt when we accomplished filling the container for our dear brothers and sisters in Syria. It may not be enough to help all of those who have been afflicted by war but even if its something to alleviate the pain and suffering of a few we have achieved something.

Today we managed to load a 40 foot container with over 1000 fully categorised and labelled boxes. Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar my geeky cubic meterage calculations were pretty accurate, we just happened to have made over 100 extra boxes of aid, lucky Adniel Ali gets to pick all those extra boxes this week from us for the birmingham container!! 
So touched by the efforts of Ali Zaheer and Khaleda Zaheer who filled a van of aid this weekend and drove all the way up from London. Seriously such an awesome duo for arranging all of this! Ali you get bonus points for being Adams personal carrier  from one side of the warehouse to the other. Richard Ewins, all those hours of making signs and posters were vital for the volunteers and as always your support means a lot! Lets not mention the missions Adil Yousaf was forced into! You saved us twice… no comment!!! 😉
Our super volunteer award today though goes to Tamoor Tariq for being our man with a van behind the scenes! Your hard work never goes unnoticed and I apologise for the constant abuse and panic phone calls whenever we have tonnes of aid to collect, although please note now I know how resourceful you are, these phone calls have only just begun!! 😉
Whether you have helped by donating, sharing our posts, volunteering or sending food for the volunteers, you have all played a significant part in helping us over the last two weekends. Siema Iqbal, you could literally see the eyes light up of all our male volunteers who had been loading the containers when the Pizza boxes came out of the car! It was so kind and generous of yourself to sort food for all of those hard worked guys and gals today.
It may look like our work is done, but we are far from finished! Our next focus is to organise sending out food from all the monetary donations online. Our original plan to send ONE container of aid of food and clothes went out the window when you all donated bags and bags of clothes! The clothing alone filled one container which means with all the donations we are well on our way to sending not just one container of food, but possibly two, which means we can send in total 3 containers!!!If you haven’t donated there still is time to donate on www.rcfappeal.com and you can help us achieve sending that additional container of food pallets!
” We can’t help everyone, but EVERYONE can help someone “

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