16th April 2021



Work and skills social media takeover to help local people into jobs and training

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Work and skills are top of the agenda next week as the council mounts a social media ‘takeover’ of its social media channels to help Manchester people of all ages either get into a job now, or get the skills they need to take advantage of job opportunities in the future.
Supporting residents into jobs and training is a high priority for the council, and a key part of the Our Manchester vision for 2025 to create a thriving and fair city where everyone can benefit from the city’s success, no matter where they come from or which part they live in.
The week-long ‘takeover’ runs from Monday 15 to Friday 19 January and will see the Council’s social media channels blitzed with facts and interviews on a work and skills theme.
Staff and partners will explain how they’re encouraging businesses to invest in Manchester and to recruit local residents, how they develop young Mancunians’ business ideas, and how they organise training to boost women’s digital skills and job prospects.  Residents will be having their say too – talking about how they’ve personally benefited from the work done by council staff and other partners around work and skills, and to provide an example to others looking for work or to improve their own skills.
The social media takeover will be kicked off on Monday morning by the Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Skills, Angeliki Stogia.
She said: “Manchester is already well on track to being a world class city in the next decade – as competitive as the best, with a dynamic, sustainable economy.
“One reason for this is our highly skilled, enterprising and industrious population.  More local people than ever are getting qualifications that will help them into jobs – already 40 per cent of our residents are skilled to degree level – and I’m very proud of this.
“I’m proud too that we’re also getting more university students staying on in the city after they graduate, and also that as more businesses are starting up in Manchester, the number of jobs in the city is growing.
“All of this means that the number of people claiming out-of-work benefits is getting smaller and this is clearly a good thing.
“We know however there’s still more to do for those who need most help to get into work – who may have low level skills, be in low-paid jobs, or who don’t have qualifications, or whose English skills aren’t strong.
“Join us all next week on social media to see what we’re doing to help these people, to up-skill all local residents so they’re ready to compete for better-paid, higher-skilled jobs, and also to help employers who want to grow their businesses and create job opportunities for local people.”
Follow the takeover on Twitter @ManCityCouncil and Facebook at www.facebook.com/mancitycouncil or join in the conversation using #WorkandSkillsMCR

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