14th June 2021



2018 was one of the *best* years on record in APPS UK’s 14 year history.

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2018 was one of the *best* years on record in APPS UK’s 14 year history. 

Our total membership across all categories has now crossed *5200* mark. That is right – Five Thousand and Two Hundred!!! Alhamdulillah

We have excelled in our mutual collaborations during this year with key stakeholders in the UK as well as Pakistan.

> *APPS UK SOCIAL MEDIA:* We now have 22,000 (Twenty Two Thousand) followers across all social media platforms.

> We took a practical stance, lead by Dr Shahid Latif, on GMC’s decision against Dr Bawa-Garba.

> *GMC’s BME DOCTORS FORUM:* APPS UK has been part of this forum for the last 8 years. At these meetings we have been discussing all issues affecting our members directly with GMC’s Chief Executive, Mr Charlie Massey. 

> *Grand Celebrations of 70th NHS Anniversary:* APPS UK members conducted cake cutting ceremonies on 5th July in their hospitals and surgeries up and down the country. This unique initiative has built many far reaching bridges between APPS UK and local communities. 

> *MEETING WITH GOVERNOR OF PUNJAB:* Mr Ghulam Abbas, APPS UK Chair, recently met with the Governor of Punjab, Mr Chaudhry Sarwar in Lahore and briefed him about the work of the Association.

> *TEACHING & TRAINING:* APPS UK Chair Mr Ghulam Abbas, Vice Chair Dr Amber Tahir, Ex-Chair Dr Ayaz Asghar, Head of APPS UK Northwest Chapter Dr Saima Noman and many others conducted multiple teaching sessions, free clinics and theatre sessions in Pakistan. 

> *GMC MPTS:* APPS UK Vice Chair, Dr Amber Tahir, was appointed on GMC’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

> *PMDC REFORMS:* Dr Abdul Hafeez & Dr Qazi Zaman met the President of PMDC, Justice Jan and other Council Member at their head office in Islamabad and presented APPS UK’s vision on PMDC reforms.

> Launch of APPNA Mobile Units in interior Sindh.

> APPS UK produced a policy paper to improve the Health Systems in Pakistan.

> *MEETING WITH CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN:* APPS UK President, Mr Shakeel Puri, hosted a dinner at his residence for the Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan. CJ asked APPS UK to nominate 4 doctors who can advise Pakistan on its health reforms agenda.  

> *MEETING WITH HEALTH MINISTER OF PAKISTAN:* APPS UK Ex-President, Dr Taimur Mirza, had a meeting in Islamabad with Mr Amir Mehmud Kyani, the Health Minister of Pakistan. He has promised to work with APPS UK on implementing its vision on improving the health system of Pakistan. 

> Signed MOU / Collaborated with key organisations such as The British Army, NICE, Public Health England, Pakistan Family Medicine Association, Pakistan Orthpaedics Society etc

> Meetings with the Vice Chancellor of Dow Medical University in Karachi, Associate Postgraduate Dean of the Aga Khan University in Karachi and the CEO of Ghurki Spine Centre in Lahore.

> Conducted more than 10 training sessions for A-Level students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

> Organised placements and clinical attachments in hospitals and GP surgeries for A-Level students and overseas doctors.

> Provided one to one guidance to doctors who are new to the UK.

> Helped at least 3 doctors with their fitness to practice enquiries by GMC.

> APPS UK President, Mr Shakeel Puri, offered the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan training opportunities for army doctors in the UK and other countries. 

> APPS UK Foundation is continuing to raise funds for *APPS UK Mobile Health Units* that are providing free healthcare facilities in remote rural areas of Pakistan. 

> *100 Limbs Project:* APPSUKF raised £60,000 during the summer for this project. One hundred disabled patients in Pakistan have now been fitted with artificial limbs that have restored their shattered lives. 

> *Feed the Homeless* APPSUKF has now launched another project to feed the homeless in the UK. 

> *Pakistan Dam Fund:* APPS UK Collaborated with the Pakistan Club to organise a fundraiser and £200,000 were pledged for the dam fund.

> Dr Iqbal who is Ex-President of APPSUKF has been hosting regular health awareness talks on V TV. 

> APPS UK conducted multiple Health Awareness Seminars e.g. Fasting for Diabetics, Hajj Travel Advice etc.

> *ORGAN DONATION:* Dr Sobia Bilal who is APPS UK’s Executive Member in the Yorkshire Chapter and Media Lead organised health awareness sessions on organ donations which is big issue affecting our communities. 

> *GALA DINNERS:* APPS UK organised 2 large and many small events during 2018. The Bradford event was the largest gathering of Pakistani doctors in Yorkshire attended by more than 500 guests. 


APPS UK has plans of launching some more mind blowing projects in 2019 In-Sha-Allah!!

If you would like to be part of any of our projects or have an inspirational idea, we would like to hear from you.

*Dr Abdul Hafeez*

*Founder and CEO APPS UK*

*Tel: 0808 202 1515*

*Email: admin@appsuk.org*

*Web: www.appsuk.org*

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