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A Manchester takeaway Wilmslow Road, Rusholme has been fined more than £9,500 after health inspection

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Takeaway fined more that £9,500 as chickens come home to roost

A Manchester takeaway has been fined more than £9,500 after health inspectors uncovered a host of food safety violations – including evidence of mice and rats on the premises.

Sink used to prepare chicken
Taj Corporation Limited, owner of Chicken Cottage, 71 – 73 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme was fined £8,000 and told to pay £1,442.97 in costs with a further £100 victim surcharge at Manchester Magistrates Court on 6 July 2016 for eight separate food safety offences.

Following a complaint from a member of the public, Manchester City Council’s food safety officers inspected the takeaway on 22 April 2015. During the inspection the officer uncovered evidence of both rat and mice activity, a lack of a water supply as well as dirty walls and surfaces.

Mouse droppings were found in a cupboard under the coffee machine in the serving area and rat droppings were discovered on the basement storeroom stairs – which lead directly from the food preparation area.

Holes were found in a number of doors, including one to the rear passageway, allowing access for vermin.

The kitchen and preparations areas were greasy and dirty. Raw chicken was seen stored next to salads in the walk-in refrigerator and was being prepared around sinks with no means to adequately clean and sanitise the preparation areas.

The water supply had been disconnected, this meant there was no water for washing hands, flushing toilets, washing equipment and surfaces or for controlling the risk of cross contamination.

The company agreed to voluntarily close the takeaway until the infestations were under control and the cleaning standards and food safety practices were improved.

The Chicken Cottage takeaway has now permanently closed and a new business has opened at the premises under new ownership.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council executive member for neighbourhoods said: “All food businesses need to understand the responsibility they have to their customer, who rightly expect takeaways and restaurants to maintain the highest standards.

“The total disregard for hygiene displayed by this company is completely unacceptable, which is illustrated by the severity of the fine.

“This case should serve as a warning – our inspectors are out there and will not hesitate in taking action to protect the public.”

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