23rd September 2021



Do You Know the Author of 11 books was Born in Lyallpur Pakistan

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Born in Lyallpur (Pakistan) in April 1948; studied at Government College Lyallpur & at Government College Lahore to get first MASTER’s degree in Chemistry. He remained in AJK Education till 1975. After qualifying Central Superior Services (CSS) Exam in 1975, he joined PSP cadre and spent 24 years in Police & FIA. Mr Sehri also studied LAW, got LLB degree from BUZ University Multan. Later he stepped in advance Police Studies and earned Master’s Degree from Exeter University of UK, too.

Writing has been Mr Sehri’s passion since his early life. Before [per force] migration to UK, his EIGHT books in URDU language, covering various social aspects of human life, had been hitting the market. The said books were printed by SANG e MEEL PUBLICATIONS LAHORE and still those books are being picked up by many as text books in Sociology. The FOUR volumes of ‘Judges & Generals in Pakistan’ are not the written facts about only the honourable judges or respectable military Generals of Pakistan but also an authentic record of contemporary history.

Living History of Pakistan Vol-I to Vol-IV are continuation of the same series with only a change in name of the same product. It is just for the change of taste otherwise the SCENARIOS and the PAGE NUMBERS are in the same continuity. All the above books deal with Pakistan’s chequered history of massive financial & intellectual corruption, abortive rule by two political parties in succession with higher judiciary’s gimmicks during 1971 onwards; Constitutional Amendments which made political parties as family businesses & apex court’s nexus making the politicians more corrupt.

The facts narrated in 3416 pages of these EIGHT volumes of history prove that all the loot and plunders in Pakistan have been done in the name of DEMOCRACY and [so-called] CONSTITUTION. The history will remember that since its birth in 1947, Pakistan had continuously been ruled by stooge CIVIL & MILITARY Dictatorships and aristocracy. Tragedy remains that through iniquitous, immoral, evil, depraved and wicked 18th Constitutional Amendment, a new form of monarchy [MOROOSIAT] has been introduced in Pakistan – there cannot be party elections in any political party.

Nut Shell: Mr Sehri’s books are collection of history’s scripts, may be irritating for some ones. No misleading intelligence story, no distracting investigative report and no concocted interview – it is simply a narration of Pakistan’s contemporary history; no fiction. It is a full-body directorate’s job which Mr Sehri is dragging on single handedly and as a MISSION so that our coming generations should be able to know about their past. Mr Sehri’s books in TWO versions – paperback & e-books, are available AT AMAZON world over.

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