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Dr Shahid Lateef Left a Kidney Patient Unattendent in operation theater at Aziz Bhatti shaheed Hospital Gujrat and went home.

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Gujrat News (Special Report)

11th June 2016

Shahid Lateef know as Dr Shahid Lateef by profession who works at Aziz Bhatti shaheed Hospital Gujrat Left a Kidney Patient Unattendent and went home. 20 years old Syed Mudassar who is suffering from Kidney Failour went to Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital to re install the Dialysis Wires .

Dr Shahid Lateef attended syed Mudassar and booked him for a minor operation to re install Dialysis wires. A set of wires cost 6000Pk Rupee. Dr Shahid Lateef failed to operate / re install the Dialysis wires.  Dr Shahid damaged the wires during operation and asked the Patient attendents to bring a new set. Patient family paid 2 times for Dialysis wires 6000 + 6000.

Dr Shahid Lateef failed 2nd time to install Kidney Dialysis wire and damaged the wires during operation. Dr Shahid Lateef left the Patient unattendent and went home. After 2 hours, Patient Family asked the Assistent about their patient and Assiestent replied you must ask Dr  Shahid Lateef. Where is Dr Shahid Lateef?

Dr shahid Lateef went home and left a kidney patient unattendent. The Patient Family paid twice the cost of dialysis wires in the same day 12000 Pak Rupees and were asked to find a New Doctor while the patient was unstable in the Operation theater at Aziz Bhatti shaheed Hospital Gujrat.

The Family is asking the Govt of Punjab , Department of Health and CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Shareef to investigate the matter and suspend such Doctors. The family also claims 12000 Pak Rupees from Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital for the Wires damaged during two opertions in the same day by an untrained Dr Shahid Lateef.




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