19th August 2022



Farhad Zulfiqar 27 years old died after serving the charity work in Morocco. 

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Few weeks ago he told his parents that he was going on a trip to Morocco for some charity work. His family was not aware that their son was going to be climbing up a mountain for this charity and thought he was only going to show support by helping the needy.

Farhad was bought into the MRI on Sunday and was admitted into the Cardio Intensive Care Unit (CICU) on Monday. His heart had failed and lost strength, his liver and kidneys were badly damaged, his lungs filled with water and so did his body.

The charity allowed Farhad to go on this mountain climb without checking to see if he was fit to do so. They left this poor boy to find his own way to the hospital and then having to hire an ambulance to the airport to fly back he was left to his own accord with no help from the charity he was bringing awareness for.
He passed away today at approximately 12.30 am. He went out on a noble cause. A cause that would bring awareness to those in need. He constantly told his family and friends, “be grateful for the gift of life and having not to worry about bombs landing in your bedroom whilst you sleep or worry about having to starve for food.”
Farhad Zulfiqar was a great person, very caring, helpful and had a funny character that would always bring a smile to your face.
This new trend, charities using social media to bring awareness; who are using young kids to self fund their own trips, and to collect money for the charity going abroad, is coming very common. This is all fine if the volunteers are cared for by the Charities they have gone to represent. These charities should check to see if an individual is first fit enough to go on these expeditions. These charities should be responsible when one of their representatives falls ill anywhere and to not then leave those that went for them to their own devises when a emergency occurs.
Please make dua for Farhad; that Allah may forgive his sins. He suffered a lot of health problems through his life. Pray that his reward is heaven. May he rest in peace. Please bring awareness so that these charities be responsible so nobody else loses their son in this way. I will let you know the Janaza timing as soon as his body is released from hospital.

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