14th June 2021



New housing in Chorlton subject of major public consultation

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Chorlton residents will have their say on new housing and development in the neighbourhood as part of a major consultation beginning in October.

Manchester City Council is coordinating the consultation on behalf of the third party land owners and will give residents the chance to have their say on key developments in the community.

The consultation will focus on development opportunities at the Chorlton Precinct – currently owned by the Greater Manchester Pension Fund – and a piece of land owned by Manchester Metropolitan University at the end of Rye Bank Road. A third site to be included, is the former Chorlton Leisure Centre, which is owned by the Council, and has been listed as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act.

Residents will have the opportunity to take part in the consultation when it opens on 16 October until it closes on 15 December. The results will then be collated and a report heard by the City Council’s executive early 2018.

We are consulting about regeneration opportunities within Chorlton, all of which have the potential to promote new residential growth that can deliver affordable, mid-priced and executive priced homes.

The precinct has been earmarked for improvements for some time and a development at the site would look to bring a range of new homes to the neighbourhood and create new retail units which interact with the surrounding streets. Improved car parking provision is proposed as part of the development.

The ambition for the Rye Bank Road site is to deliver much needed new homes for the south Manchester area.

The consultation is a key opportunity to hear what local people have to say about the sites and this conversation will help form the thinking around the developments before final plans are drawn up and planning applications are submitted (none submitted at this stage).

In respect of the Leisure Centre, the Council has advertised its intention to dispose of the site under the Localism Act and will consider any bids that are brought forward through this process. The Council will expect a market value for the disposal.

The Asset of Community Value process could now see the site being used for a variety of uses that offer a range of regeneration benefits such as sports, cultural or residential.

As such, the consultation process on the former Chorlton Leisure Centre seeks to secure the views of residents on what their preferences would be for the site, whilst respecting that the outcome of Asset of Community Value process will be guided by the regulations established under the Localism Act 2011.

Residents will also have the opportunity to comment again on the individual development designs as part of the statutory planning process, when formal applications are submitted.

Cllr Bernard Priest, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “There is a significant opportunity in Chorlton to bring new housing to a thriving neighbourhood, while creating a district centre that would help the suburb truly reach its potential. However, it’s important that local people are involved in the decision making process and we urge as many people as possible to make their voice hear and be part of the consultation.”

When the consultation goes live, residents can take part at www.manchester.gov.uk/consultations


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