23rd May 2022



Princess Road 30mph speed change to begin on April 30

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A scheme to set the speed limit for the whole of Princess Road at 30mph is to begin on Sunday 30 April.

The scheme will see the speed limit harmonised for the 3.7 mile (6km) span of Princess Parkway and Princess Road.

It has been launched in response to a petition created by local residents, which attracted more than 1,000 signatures, expressing concerns about the high level of collisions on the road.  84 such incidents, causing two fatalities, were recorded between 2013 and 2016.

A public consultation undertaken in autumn 2016 affirmed strong local support for reducing the limit to 30mph for the entirety of the route, to help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  The consultation also recorded concerns that slower traffic speeds could increase congestion and impact on journey times for commuters and public transport users.

The effectiveness of the change will be evaluated over the first twelve months of the scheme, allowing for a period of review before the end of the temporary order in October 2018.  The council will introduce other measures to improve safety on Princess Road, including increasing the green frequency of the pedestrian crossing at Darley Avenue and a redesign of the Barlow Moor slip road.

Work will be undertaken with Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership, to ensure that appropriate enforcement measures are taken across the route.

Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, Councillor Rosa Battle, said: “This scheme has been launched to address the serious concerns of residents about road safety in their neighbourhood.

“We know that there have been too many collisions in this area in recent years and so using a temporary order to set the speed limit at 30mph for the whole stretch of road is a sensible step, which we will carefully review before deciding on whether to adopt the change permanently.”

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