2nd August 2021



“She proved me even better by completing her Graduation” Ch Rafique

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Another  great day for me I have done something good for her I supported her by taking all her responsibility to have good education but she proved me even better by completing her graduation I am thankful to Almighty Allah swt who gave me the opportunity to help a child become a graduate today at university of Salford .

Because I don’t have a daughter so I treated her as my own she treated us as parents because her parents do not live here.

We pray that she gains success in every moment of her life . May she start her new life and i hope she will remember us in her life for ever..

I know all parents want to educate their children which is brilliant but think about other child or student want to study but can not afford for any reason please help at least one and give him/her best education .

Lastly I noticed while I was at ceremony that about 90%of the graduates wher Fourners this is called equality,multifaith. Multicultur country am proud of UK s educational system.

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